Pearce Learning Tech exists to provide “Learning Tech for All.” We strive to fill gaps in access to quality technology programs as a means to empower individuals and communities for the good of our society. This is done through various methods including: professional development & trainings, birthday parties and camps, clubs, and community events.

Our Vision

is to provide quality opportunities for students and families to have hands-on experiences with different types of technological tools. This provides skills that allow communities and their members to thrive in a competitive and digitally rich world. This includes, but is not limited to: working with faith-based institutions, school-based clubs and activities, and neighborhood/community outreach.

Early Learners

Children are exposed to technology, particularly screens, at very early ages. Inspired by the recommendations made by the National Association for Educators of Young Children and The Fred Rogers Center, we specialize in designing developmentally appropriate technology experiences for early learners. With an Approved Trainer status with Bright from the Start and the Georgia Professional Development System we provide child-focused professional development as well.

Our Approach

PLT’s relies on promising practices, which are most often supported by research and have consistently shown results superior to those achieved through other means. These practices are embedded throughout each of the services we provide.

Next Steps…

We would love to partner with you or your organization to provide Learning Tech for All, send us a message at or on our Contact page to discuss how we can enrich the lives of your learners.