What We Do

Pearce Learning Tech provides quality STEM, primarily technology, based experiences for underserved and under represented children. This is done through professional development for teachers and leaders, after school activities, clubs, celebrations, and coaching for teachers. This came about as a way to bring about equity in the opportunities afforded to the children, but also a way to provide them options as youth and adults.


We promote "Learning Tech for All" through various facets with the goal of providing children and adults with quality, research-based experiences centered around the use of technology. We do this through professional development, children's programs, and different community or non-educator adult programs that reinforce both digital and technological skills.

Professional Development
We provide professional development centered around developmentally appropriate practices for using technology in early childhood.
Programs for Children
During the school year, Pearce Learning Tech provides multiple out-of-school workshops for preschool and elementary school students.
Technology Cordinator
Need help? Let us do the work for you. We will provide a Learning Tech who will facilitate technology lessons on behalf of your program. We also offer lessons customized for your class, that you can deliver.
Community & Additional Services
We believe that the community has a role in a child’s education. We offer options for parents, community centers, and churches or other community organizations.

How We Do It

We believe that technology extends beyond a computer or tablet. There are many facets of technology that naturally include engineering, math, and science. Pearce Learning Tech uses hands-on experiences that engage learners across each of these disciplines.

Powerful Ideas

Leveraging Technology for the social, cognitive, and creative benefit of all learners, the seasoned and the young.

Technological Fluency

Inclusive of digital and technological fluency, Pearce Learning Tech provides quality learning experiences to encourage self-expression using technology and digital tools.

Research Informed Practices

Each of the services provided by Pearce Learning Tech is powered by the latest research.

Contact Us

Adults, youth, kids,… Learning Tech for All Contact us to learn more about how we can partner to encourage the development of technological skills with your group or organization. If you are interested holding workshops during the school day at your local school or community organization in the future, please contact us.