We believe that early childhood is one area that is underserved when it comes to technology. Children are introduced to technology at early ages and  traditionally they begin to learn to harness it in elementary and middle school. Pearce Learning Tech


• Empower students to use technology as a tool for thinking.
• Provide students with the awareness, appreciation, skills, and commitment to digital citizenship.
• Enable students to apply scientific processes and higher order thinking skills to resolve technological problems.
• Encourage creativity, originality, and flexibility.
• Inspire and empower students to become responsible, productive, and participatory members of society.

We offer

opportunities to tailor existing program goals to meet the needs of your program and its learners.

Before/ After School

During the school year, Pearce Learning Tech provides multiple out-of-school workshops (weekends and after school) on a weekly basis for preschool and elementary school students. In these clubs and workshops, PLT staff come to schools and community centers to teach students about technology through coding, making, and robotics using developmentally appropriate methods.

In School

In-school field trips where hands-on experiences are designed to fit the developmental stages of the students who attend. Students will leave these in-school field trips with a desire to have more time learning about technology.


PLT offers one-time and short term workshops that allow children to engage with technology and technological tools over a period of time, separate from school. Often held on Saturday mornings and during school breaks, these workshops give children time to build their experiences and create final projects they are proud to share.

Preschool- A note:

Pearce Learning Tech believes that children learn best through play. Using a play-based curriculum, preschool children (older three’s to five years old) engage in learning technology with a hands-on approach. Initially children will have little to no interaction with screens, this is based on recommendations by NAEYC and The Fred Rogers Center. Children will learn pre-coding concepts, while continuing to strengthen social skills that will benefit them throughout life. There are many benefits to introducing technology to children in early childhood. Contact us to pair children’s workshops with professional development, or just to learn more about technology in early childhood.

We work with:
• community colleges
• Preschools
• Faith-based institutions
• Churches
• Community programs and centers
• school districts
• higher education
• educational software companies
• non-profits

To be added to the list of organizations we work with, contact us to discuss what your needs are and how PLT can assist with supporting the development of 21st Century Learners.