Technology Coordinator-Need help? Let us do the work for you. We will provide a Learning Tech who will facilitate technology lessons on behalf of your program. 

In-House Field Trip – Try something new-  allow us to facilitate hands-on activities for your school, class, or a birthday. 

Community Events – We believe that the community has a role in a child’s education. We offer options for parents, community centers, and churches or other community organizations.

Adults, youth, kids,…
Learning Tech for All

Adult Technology – with Learning Tech for All as part of our mission, we also offer opportunities for adults to engage with technology. This can be both with and without children. These experiences are for small to medium groups and helps parents understand what children are learning through PLT. Not a parent? that’s okay. Our adult only gatherings will allow you to use the technological tools and begin building your skills as well.

If you would like to ask about the possibility of Pearce Learning Tech holding workshops during the school day at your local school or community organization in the future, please contact us.